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CNC Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

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Precision CNC Parts

Waterjet cutting can produce very high quality and accurate parts.  If economy is needed, we have options for that as well.  parameters can often be manipulated to produce parts at the optimum cost vs quality ratio.

brushed metal texture or plate.jpg
brushed metal texture or

CAD/CAM Design and Manufacture

We can certainly cut parts using files from your software.  We can also convert your drawings or image files into CAD and work from there.  Even if you are only at the idea stage, we can turn those ideas into parts.  

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Ability To Cut A Wide Variety of Materials

Abrasive waterjet cutting is extremely versatile.  It can cut nearly any material.  It can cut a wide range of thicknesses as well. Our machine has a high rail system mated with a dual cutting nozzle spreader bar which allows adaptability for a wide range of applications.  We have cut 4 inch thick alloy steel and 1/16" flexible neoprene rubber.  Granite, glass, polymers, composites, and a variety of metals are commonly cut on our machine. 

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